The prints, greeting cards and post cards here are inspired by my time living in the Beara Peninsula since August 2020 where I have been exploring the wild landscapes and shorelines around Castletownbere and Garinish through the seasons in simple line, patterns and watercolours.

The Atlantic has kept luring me closer, and most recently (May 2021) I moved out further west, onto Dursey Island where I am getting a taste of the unfettered wildness of the remote western shores of Ireland. It really is like nowhere I have ever lived before – fascinatingly drenched in history, culture and wildlife. If you are out on the Island you can drop by to see some of my work.

The images here are just a small selection of the hundreds of paintings created in the last year; giving some sense of the wild beauty of this gorgeous place and honouring a practice I have been honing over many years. I have been learning to lean in to a daily creative practice (usually of drawing, dancing and painting) as a means of harnessing creative flow and nurturing other aspects of my work (my teaching, design work and a body of work called Creativity for Change).

I believe that every human being is naturally, abundantly creative – we merely need to find the practice that allows us to unlock it. And I believe our world really needs our creativity right now: to create a more beautiful world for all our future generations.

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