Welcome to my online shop. Recently I posted a series of original watercolour paintings that have been inspired by my time over the last 6 months living in the Beara Peninsula.

At the beginning of the lockdown in March 2020 I decided to paint every day; with no clear creative agenda other than the desire to bring change into my life: I knew I needed to leave the city and get out to the countryside so my painting were prayers for that change.

The paintings started out being abstract, fascinations with lines and some specific colours, a big fascination with gold paint for a while and lots of paintings that felt like tracings of light on water.

I moved to the Beara Peninsula in August and began exploring the wild shorelines around Castletownbere. I really enjoyed exploring the lines and patterns in the water and painted theses in simple watercolours.

Then I moved to the end of the Beara Peninsula, to Garinish where I began to explore and paint the wild landscapes, the wild winds and the wilds sea through winter!

Each day I posted photos and watercolour paintings online – The paintings here are a small collection of the hundreds of paintings that I made in the last year and they give some sense of the wild beauty of this gorgeous place.

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