A view towards Allihies
A view towards Allihies

A view towards Allihies


This is an original watercolour from a series of daily paintings that I created during my time living in Garinish on the Beara Peninsula. Each day I painted and posted the painting, a photo or video and often some text, on social media. 

This piece is 24 x 32 cm [unframed] on 300gsm watercolour paper

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3rd March 2021 – A view towards Allihies

“Facing north

A view towards Allihies on a spring day

It’s stunning to see the patches of light move along the Miskish (what an amazing name!) mountains

I’ve so loved this view over the last 4 months

As the mountains disappear and reappear from beyond veils of cloud and mist

There’s a quality in a landscape that is only perceptible with regular daily observation and appreciation

The subtleties only reveal themselves over time

Nothing is only what it appears in a moment

It’s identity unearthed in the stringing together of multiple moments, glimpses and felt responses

It feels more like an ongoing dance or an evolving relationship than any static thing

How is your relationship with your nearest mountain range, wood, tree or stream?”