Painted Diary

Each day I paint quick watercolours to capture in some visual recordable format ‘how I am’. Over time the images have become a visual diary of my state of being. The paintings are created quickly, without planning, just with the intention to represent what is, capturing fleeting moments in the thoughts of one being. I’ve taken a series of these paintings and have embroidered sections with metallic thread. The paintings are installed; hung on silver threads from the ceiling in such a way that people can walk below them to get a sense of their fleeting nature and at the same time creating a sense of the space within which the memories are contained.

Below are a sample of paintings that form an installation currently on view in NYFA (New York Foundation for the Arts) in Brooklyn, USA. The exhibition is open until 30th January 2015.

Each of the pieces are watercolour paint and metallic thread on 30.5cm x 22.9cm [12” x 9”] 300gsm watercolour paper.