These are some of the many images painted in an extended period in silence in Guatemala in 2009. I started each day at 4am; walking down to the edge of Lake Atitlan to sit, paint, meditate and watch the sun rise. I painted the sunrise each morning; each morning it was stunningly beautiful and beautifully different. I still refer back to the notebooks of paintings now for inspiration for new projects. Somehow these simple sketches and paintings hold a potency for me, from a time where the sunrises and the plants were my companions. I learned to see the world around me in a very different way; picking up on subtle detail and colour that had never been apparent to me before; this would keep me mesmerised for hours. I wonder sometimes about the speed of our lives, how we pass by the miracles of the natural world that we have grown out of; if we stop to look and really see: it really is miraculous.