Lets create better ways of living


From the beginning of October 2016 I have started a year long journey of visiting and learning form eco-communities. This journey was inspired by recent time spent over the summer in Irelands first Eco-village in Cloughjordan and in the UK’s oldest Eco-village in the Findhorn Foundation, Scotland. In both communities I recognised them as places where I could offer my skills as an artist, architect and teacher in ways that I felt were more like co-creation; ways that felt deeply rewarding and were closer to the sense of truly giving and receiving of gifts and learning that were mutually beneficial. I am curious about the positive impacts we can have in our lives and in the world around us when we create and work together. So I am dedicating this year to offering and learning form eco-communities and sharing my experiences along the way in the hope that they will inspire positive eco-living opportunities in your life too.

You can find out more about my journey and support me from my GoFundMe site: https://www.gofundme.com/LetsCreate and you can read about my experiences as I travel from my new blog: http://letscreate.sineadcullen.com/