Welcome to my  ‘Shop’. Sales of my work are part of how I support creative projects of mine: The most recent one was a two year exploration of of eco-village living. I started my journey in October 2016 and my intention I funded my journey  through the sale of my paintings and through crowd-funding.
I returned to Ireland in August 2018 and am still digesting the journey. The journey was incredibly inspiring, mind and heart opening and deeply challenging at times. I volunteered in gorgeous organic gardens, learned traditional lime methods of restoration in Denmark, taught Movement Medicine in Scotland, Ireland, Switzerland, Denmark, Spain and Colombia, I attending the GEN (Global Ecovillage Network) gathering in Angsbacka in Sweden and visited 9 eco-communities and projects in Colombia: learning about natural and traditional building methods, indigenous wisdom in community and the power of community to help strengthen the peace process here. I recognise these communities as a places that are truly leading the way in exploring and demonstrating new and inspiring ways of living and I am loving sharing my experiences and hoping that they can inspire small and large positive changes in people lives.
If you would like to support me and/or are interested in having a look at some of my work please have a look below. In the drop down tabs are a series of original paintings and prints that are currently available to buy. If you are interested in buying any of my work please contact me at or through my contact page.
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I would be immensely grateful for your support through purchasing some of my work, making a donation or by passing on my site link to someone you think would be interested.
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LU and I Photo John Howard