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“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun” – Mary Lou Cook

“There is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all. Without creativity, there would be no progress, and we would be forever repeating the same patterns.” – Edward de Bono

Happy New Year!

I hope that you are safe and healthy and ready to jump into the Creative nest!

Creative nest is a welcoming non-judgemental place where you can set intentions and goals, nurture your creativity and free yourself to explore in great company.

It is the beginning of a new year and the perfect time to bring focus to what you wish to create in your life: whether that is starting a regular creative practice such as writing, drawing painting or gardening, completing a novel, giving time to try out some new creative explorations you are curious about or simply nourishing your heart by giving time for creative play.

This can all be done simply and with fun and lightness whether it is to bring joy for a few moments a day or to spark a powerful positive change.

Come along to create, connect, inspire and transform in supportive weekly online studio spaces. Creative nest continues on Thursday mornings and I am adding a new class on Tuesday evenings, both within the comfort of your own home.

These are spaces for beginners and experienced creative folk alike and are beautiful opportunities to engage your head, hand and heart, using movement, music and meditation allowing you to re-centre your body, re-focus your mind and inspire your creative practice.

Life is a journey not a destination so let it be a creative one. Begin now!


Beginning Tuesday 12th January at 7:30pm – 9:00pm




Beginning again on Thursday 14th January 10:00am-11:30am



  • After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the session.
  • Suggested payment for these classes is on a sliding scale between €10 – €20 per session. You can use Paypal at this link , or bank transfer (just ask and I will send on bank details). My intention is to make this space available and welcoming to everyone so if you are on a low income and need to pay a lower amount for a while please message me to arrange. 
  • Please take time beforehand to prepare any materials you might need to work, clear a space so that you can focus on one project. Dress comfortably, have water or a cup of tea ready and ensure that your phone is on airplane mode.
  • You are welcome to join the session 10mins before it starts so you can check that Zoom is working OK for you and so that we can start together on time.

If you feel a family member or a friend would enjoy and benefit from this creative space then please do share this information.

Keep creating!




Movement Medicine Classes

Friday Dec 9th and 16th drop-in Movement Medicine classes exploring the theme of connection, to self, other, community and environment.

7:30pm-9:30pm Newbold house, 111 St Leonards Road Forres,  IV36 2RE, Scotland.

Human communities have always come together with their own beats and rhythms to dance, sing and tell stories, celebrating life and calling in dreams for their future generations. Movement Medicine is another way to do this; it is a form of conscious dance that allows us to re-connect with ourselves, and our unique creativity, and to explore life around us as a co-creator. These classes are open to anyone with a curiosity to dance and explore in a safe and fun environment.

Sinéad is a Movement Medicine Teacher, an artist and an environmental architect. Her work focuses on what it is that connects us with our creative potential, with one another and with our planet. Her classes and workshops she explores aspects of the creative process; allowing movement to be a catalyst for greater awareness of, and greater access to, your unique creative expression.

“Dance connects us – with our bodies, with our souls, with each other, with the space within and around us and with the spirit of life. It gives us breathing space away from the noise of our busyness. In that space we come into deeper alignment with ourselves and our own intuitive knowledge….Once we enter the flow of our movement we learn to trust the natural creativity of the life force inside us.” Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan The School of Movement Medicine

This work counts as prerequisites for the Apprenticeship Programme and Professional Training with The School of Movement Medicine.

For information you can contact Sinéad by email on



I am currently on the move: travelling to eco-communities for the coming year.

In the coming weeks I am running three Movement Medicine classes in the Universal Hall in the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland. If you are in the area please come along!

They are on Thursday 27th October, 3rd and 10th November from 7:30pm-9:15pm.


Moving Creativity_flyer

Moving creativity

Starting on February 19th 2016 I am running a 6-week course of classes exploring and accessing creative potential. Each week will explore a different aspect of the creative process through Movement Medicine; allowing your movement to be the catalyst for greater awareness of, and greater access to, your creative potential. Classes will include: connecting to your dance as the ground for our creativity, sources of inspiration within and without, dancing with your edges and learning to dance with the unknown.

The classes are open to all. Some experience in dance is preferred but is not essential, and no experience is required in any formal creative practice, just a curiosity and a willingness to explore your creative potential. Please feel free to bring along a notebook and pen or sketch pad and come colours (pencils/markers).

The classes run on Friday evenings from 7:30pm-9:30pm in the lovely studio at Tai Chi Ireland 41a Pleasant’s Street (off Wexford Street) Dublin 8.

Dates for classes:

  1. February 19th
  2. March 4th
  3. March 18th
  4. April 1st
  5. April 15th
  6. April 29th

You can sign up for all six classes or drop in from week to week. The cost of this course of 6 classes is €75 (€65 concession)  or €15 (€13 concession) per class

If you are interested in attending please send me an email from the contact page.

This work counts as prerequisites for the Apprenticeship Programme and Professional Training with the School of Movement Medicine

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I run Workshops that explore themes of inviting more creativity into our lives through combining movement, visual art and writing. Recently I have worked with Engineering students in UCD in work that combined mindfulness and drawing in a classroom setting and with Masters level Architectural students addressing issues of climate change and sustainability through movement, mediation and visualisation.


I am developing this work using combinations of meditation, mindful movement art and writing to allow people to find their own creative expression. So if you are interested in starting some inspiring creative classes in your organisation, school or college or are a member of a group or community interested in holding a workshop or series of workshops I would be happy to talk with you about options and possibilities. You can send me message from the contact page.

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