Raices Del Mundo - Sketch

Sketch for Raices del Mundo (2014)

25cm x 25cm Watercolour on 200gsm cartridge paper

Sinead Cullen - Raices Del Mundo

Raices Del Mundo (Roots of the world) (2014)

100cm x 100cm. Acrylic on canvas

Synesthesia: “the production of a sense impression relating to one sense or part of the body by stimulation of another sense or part of the body.” (Oxford dictionary)

In 2013 I met two artists (Jo Cummins: a visual artist and Mathias Baumann: a musician). At the time we were wondering what visual images sound like and what people see when they hear music. So we got together and decided to try a creative experiment. I created a painting; Raíces del Mundo (the attached image), which was passed on to Mathias, who composed a piece of music based on his interpretation of the painting. The composition, entitled Nucleus was then forwarded to Jo, who has an unusual and beautiful gift known as synesthesia; which means she can see music as she hears it. Not having seen my original painting, Jo painted the colours and patterns that she saw when she listened to Nucleus. The title for her painting 4.09 comes from the moment in the composition when Jo saw the image she painted. We have already completed our creative experiment and recorded it in a short three-part documentary. You can see the first part of the documentary below.

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