Home. Heart. Hope. is a collaboration with Habitat for Humanity Ireland as part of the HOME/SICK exhibition in Science Gallery Dublin at Trinity College Dublin. This installation addresses the transformative power of a home, in a world where 1.6 billion people live in inadequate housing. A home is more than a place of shelter; it can create or deny hope and opportunity.

Simple house structures are suspended together to give a sense of the fragility of community and at the same time the strength that there is in connection. The red represents the heart and the sense of real longing that exists to have a place to call home. The 150 houses in the installation are a representation of Dunbar’s number: 150 is the number that anthropologist Robin Dunbar suggests ‘as the limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain stable social relationships’, proposing it as an optimum size for human communities. A decent home creates hope for individuals and families and empowers communities.

The importance of a decent home cannot be underestimated. Safe and secure homes lead to education, better health and empowered communities. A decent home brings dignity. It allows families to stay together. Housing is one of the strongest instruments we have in breaking the poverty cycle.

Home. Heart. Hope is a powerful representation of the difference a home can make to real lives and the power that simple actions to help one family can have on the creation and transformation of entire communities. The installation showcases 15 hope stories from Habitat for Humanity partner families, where they reveal how a decent home has changed their lives.

The full stories of the families quoted can be found on www.habitatireland.ie