Sinéad Cullen
What people say about my classes

What people say about my classes

“These inspiring dance sessions are a wonderful invitation every week to relax, explore and enjoy movement. ANY movement – whatever comes up for you, there are no set steps, no pressure or judgement. So if you are looking to ignite your creativity or want to get ‘out of the head’ and into the body, I can really recommend these classes. For me they are always invigorating, full of playful surprise, fun and being-in-the-moment.”

Edith, Dublin


“There is always a sense of relief and letting go as soon as I walk into the class. It feels safe and there is a palpable sense of the warmth and care with which the room and the music were prepared. Over the course of the 2 hours there is a feeling of being brought on a gentle but powerful journey and I am always surprised at how my body and heart opens, regardless of how I feel when I arrive. I am often struck and taken aback by the sense of connection I feel with the other dancers, there really is a sense that the dancing is all coming from the same source. Sinéad has a beautiful way of encouraging the noticing of this sense of interconnectedness, through the language she uses, the graceful way she starts and finishes the class and through her own strong presence. I find the class really brings be into a place of creativity and I love how drawing is incorporated and becomes part of the dance. The class offers the conditions for my body to feel comfortable enough to express what it needs to say and I am very grateful for it.”

Jacinta, Dublin


“Sinéad holds a clear and warm space where I feel welcome to be as I am and explore from a place of curiosity. Her passion for movement and creativity comes through clearly and I particularly enjoyed the creative art aspect of her classes. It was easier than I imagined, her invitations were simple, encouraging and supportive and I was surprised by what came through in the drawing and the meaning it had for me. The movement helped to relax my mind and free up my creative energy to touch into something more spacious and fluid. I feel grounded and inspired after her class.”

Carol, Dublin.


“I love how Sinéad brings her own unique style to each and every class, while creating and holding a wonderful, safe space. Sheer creative magic!”

Geoff, Dublin


“Sinéad holds a beautiful space, a place of deep healing, I feel I can relax and let go the stresses of the every day world when I am there and enter a different world. She is very sensitive to the needs of those in her class. It is always a wonderful experience.”

Sinead P, Dublin