Sinéad Cullen
Movement medicine

Movement medicine

Dance is a catalyst for change, it is a source of inspiration and it is a way to connect with others beyond words. All sorts of dance can help but the life savers for me have been practices of conscious dance where there is time and a safe space for just being real. I have been practicing Movement Medicine since 2007 and am a fully qualified Movement Medicine Teacher. I hold Creative nest sessions online on Tuesday evenings and Thursday mornings

Movement Medicine is a form of conscious dance practice that has the capacity to bring us into greater contact into our creativity. For me the process of engaging with dance and training in this practice has allowed me to connect more easily with my authentic inner wisdom and with that to express it more easily with my creativity.

“Dance connects us – with our bodies, with our souls, with each other, with the space within and around us and with the spirit of life. It gives us breathing space away from the noise of our busyness. In that space we come into deeper alignment with ourselves and our own intuitive knowledge…..Once we enter the flow of our movement we learn to trust the natural creativity of the life force inside us.” Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan Founders of the School of Movement Medicine.


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