Sinéad Cullen
About me

About me

Since I was a little girl I have been fascinated with what creativity is; I have always felt it comes from somewhere else, and I have always found that the process of engaging in creativity activities, in particular sketching, painting and drawing connects me to something that feels like home.

  • Home is a BIG topic for me: and it seems to under pin a lot of the creative work that I engage in: from becoming an architect, designing and building my own home, exploring intentional communities and still looking for my home now.
  • Creative Process is a core curiosity: I am so curious to understand how creativity has different stages and energies, and can be stuck or free flowing: why?
  • And I have always felt that my creativity needs to be in service to something greater: architecture that respects our environment, paintings that support a journey and an exploration, installations that can help calm a busy mind and ritual that honours all our relations.

Through my training and work as an architect I have been fascinated by what connects people with place and what it takes to reconnect them back emotionally with their environment. This curiosity lead me to explore a wide variety of projects including: spending time in intentional communities around the world, and with indigenous tribes in the rainforest of Ecuador and the Sierra Nevada mountains in Colombia, where I learned more about the innate connections with living systems and how we can co-create our homes.

I wanted to see what would happen if I created daily paintings as a means of catalysing change in my life: through a daily painting practice I find connection, with the land; with nature and some of the awe that comes from simply being ‘out in the elements’. Last August I moved to the Beara peninsula in Ireland to get myself out into the wild! It has been mind-bogglingly beautiful immersion. I currently live on Dursey island.

Training as a Movement Medicine teacher brought me into connection with the powerful creative energy that is tapped when we combine conscious dance with creative practice. Weekly I hold online ‘Creative nest’ classes: simple spaces to explore your own creative practice, bookended with conscious dance. Through these classes I create a container for creativity in a time where it can be a profound resource for our well-being and for maintaining a powerful vision of what is possible.

Creativity is an ongoing and evolving process of discovery for me: I love that it has a unique way of connecting us with the truth of who we are, and can evoke a sense of interconnectedness with others and with the wild aliveness of the natural world.

My creativity is dedicated to the next seven generations and the dream of a more beautiful world.