About Me
DSC03668   The overarching theme of my work is about accessing creativity, expressing it authentically and exploring how this can catalyse connection, change and transformation. My background is a mix of environmental architecture, art, dance and a desire to bring about connection with one another, with our communities and with our environment. There are three main areas of work that I focus on and you can find them in the following sections of my site:
  • MAKE is about my own art-making. I work in a wide variety of media exploring my expression through painting; especially large paintings combined with movement, sculpture and installation. I have created a new ‘Shop’ section in my site. This is my first time setting up a shop so bear with me, I'm learning as I go. I have set it up as part of my fundraising for this year of eco-village living that I am doing/experiencing/exploring. I started in the eco-village in Cloughjordan in Ireland in October 2016 and am currently volunteering in my ninth eco-community: Angsbacka, Sweden. I am funding this year through the sale of old and new pieces of art and from my fundraiser: https://www.gofundme.com/LetsCreate. You can read about my journey in my blog http://letscreate.sineadcullen.com/
  • CO-CREATE In this section you can find information about past and current commissions, collaborations and architectural projects that I have been involved in, in Ireland and around the world.
  • Movement Medicine Is about how I bring movement and creativity into classes and workshops.
I’ve been fascinated through my work as an architect about what connects people with place and what it takes to reconnect people back emotionally with their environment. My curiosity lead me to spend time with indigenous tribes in the rainforest of Ecuador where I learned more about their innate connections with living systems. Through my work I aspire to evoke these connections and our loss of them in western society and my invitation is to connect with the truth of who you are with your sense of interconnectedness with one another with community and with our environment as a whole. My creativity is dedicated to the preservation of life on our planet. For an introduction to my creative practice you can see my video on http://youtu.be/WxVUgNkbCUw